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「日本六古窯(にほんろっこよう)」は、古来の陶磁器窯のうち、中世から現在まで生産が続く代表的な6つの産地(越前・瀬戸・常滑・信楽・丹波・備前)の総称です。2017年春、日本遺産に認定されたことを受けて発足した六古窯日本遺産活用協議会の運営するWEBサイト「旅する、千年、六古窯」は、“ やきもの”を通して、人間の根源的な営み、人と自然との関わり、ものづくりの根源を再考する取り組みです。SW_は本プロジェクトの対英訳を監修いたしました。

旅する、千年、六古窯 公式ウェブサイト 2017年公開

旅する、千年、六古窯  公式タブロイド前編(六古窯を知る/学ぶ号)2018年4月

旅する、千年、六古窯 公式タブロイド後編(六古窯を見る/巡る号)2019年3月




デザイン:UMA/design farm

Journey. One thousand years. The Six Ancient Kilns”

The Six Ancient Kilns is a collective term that refers to Japan's six distinguished kilns of Echizen, Seto, Tokoname, Shigaraki, Tamba and Bizen. These kilns have produced pottery from medieval times to the present day. The term was coined by a historic ceramics scholar Fujio Koyama in 1948. And "The Six Kilns" was designated as Japan Heriage Sites in 2017. English translation of its official website and papers by SW_.

Official Website (2017)

Tabroid Paper Vol.1 (2018)

Tabroid Paper Vol.2 (2018)

Official promotion video Japanese English subtitle

Organized by: The Six Ancient Kilns Japan Heritage Utilization Council [Echizen, Fukui | Seto, Aichi | Tokoname, Aichi | Koka, Shiga | Tambasasayama, Hyogo | Bizen, Okayama] 


The Six Ancient Kilns Japan Heritage Utilization Council Creative Director: Koji Takahashi


“Journey. One thousand years. The Six Ancient Kilns” Creative Team

Art Director/Yuma Harada [UMA/design farm] 

Editorial Director/Tomomi Tada [MUESUM] 



シャーロット コットン (著)、後藤繁雄 (監修)、深井佐和子 (翻訳)




Photography Is Magic draws together current ideas about the use of photography as an invaluable medium in the contemporary art world. Edited and with an essay by leading photography writer and curator Charlotte Cotton, this critical publication surveys the work of a diverse group of artists, many working at the borders of the "art world" and the "photography world," all of whom are engaged with experimental ideas concerning photographic practice and its place in a shifting photographic landscape being reshaped by digital techniques.

Japanese translation by Sawako Fukai.

Photography Is Magic by Charlotte Cotton

Originally published by Aperture, US in 2015

Japanese edition

Supervised by Shigeo Goto

​Translated by Sawako Fukai

Mitsumura Suiko Shoin, 2015