Sawako Fukai is an independent editor and art project coordinator based in Tokyo. After her career working as a director of G/P gallery and artbeat publishers for ten years, she has been dedicating herself in working for international projects in relation with contemporary photography and art/design. She lived 5 years in Europe including London and Amsterdam. She also works as a translator for publications including Japanese edition of Photography Is Magic by Charlotte Cotton (Originally published by Aperture, US in 2015) . Now she runs her own editorial agency SW_ working with clients including Shiseido, SIRI SIRI, Momoko Kudo Architects, IMA magazine, OUTSET Nederland, University of Pennsylvania and Tokyo Art Book Fair. She is also a producer of Tokyo Photographic Research, a Tokyo-based artist collective’s project on contemporary photography.



2008年〜2018年まで東京の現代写真ギャラリーG/P gallery、及びartbeat publishersのエディターを務めたのち独立。2014〜18年までロンドン及びアムステルダムに滞在し、現在は東京を拠点に、展覧会コーディネート、アーティストサポートなど主にヨーロッパと日本をつなぐ様々なプロジェクトに従事。また翻訳者・編集者としても活動し、『写真は魔術』(C .コットン 著・光村推古書院、2015年)日本語版翻訳を手がけたほか、『花椿』(資生堂)『IMA magazine』(株式会社アマナ)などのメディアでコントリビューティング・エディター、コーディネーターを務める。